What makes Ahuvi so unique?

meaning 'My Beloved'

Ahuvi was established in 2011 to provide quality wedding photography.

The challenge was – there were so many wedding photographers out there already (and some very good ones!). But I wanted to do something different. Most photographers these days tend to stick to a theme, sometimes it can be a rustic look or a faded vintage look. These are good (and I can always do those themes if requested) but they can date easily. I wanted to capture the essence of a wedding day and make sure it was edited and presented in a way that would stand the test of time. This meant that I wanted to provide bright, vibrant images that looked natural and fun as well as romantic. In fact, this is the reason that many couples choose Ahuvi.

Always professional, making sure that I am not seen for the important parts like the ceremony (I have been called an Ninja or an Assassin with a camera before) to make sure that the focus is on you – the couple. And then being friendly and fun at other times to help people relax. It’s important to me to make sure that you enjoy your day and don’t have a grumpy photographer ruining things for you.

Owner and Photographer

Jonathan Lockwood

I have been in the photographic industry since leaving college (where I studied Photography of course!). Managing photo-labs on the high streets of Exeter, Canterbury, Chatham and Maidstone. It would be my duty to make sure that customers photographs were printed to the best standard – and we won awards for our dedication to quality! In 2011 I finally decided to stop processing others work and build my own photography business.

Starting with nothing I borrowed equipment and within a couple of years had built the business up from the ground (and had a full set of gear!). But those days taught me well in how to manage with very little and focus on the skill of photography rather than rely upon a fancy camera. It paid off.

But weddings aren’t only about the photographs, as a good photographer needs to have the ability to talk to guests, be friendly and help put people at ease as well as having an ability to command and organise. For me this comes quite naturally. I trained for two years as an outdoor activity instructor, teaching climbing, kayaking and other activities, which gave me the skills to interact and lead in a friendly manner.

All of this combined means that I provide a professional service with excellent quality photographs and in a friendly, authoritative manner. It’s just what’s needed to make a wedding day run smoothly and enjoyable for all.