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Giving you the option to create an image that’s truly unique to you

What is a Movie Poster Image?

I love to offer each wedding I photograph the option to create a poster image that’s something very special and unique to you. You choose the theme and I’ll create a gorgeous movie poster style image for you. I’ll even help pose each of you on the wedding day to give the best effect. I then edit everything in Photoshop, adding light effects, various objects and even explosions to help give you a poster that can take pride of place on your wall – and leave your guests in amazement!

Movie Poster Images are an optional extra to each wedding package at an additional £150. Only one poster image can be created for you, so choose your theme wisely…

How I create an image

First I add background details such as a sky, I then start adding in buildings and explosions if needed. I then go through a painstaking process of adding in items for each person (e.g. lightsabers), making sure they match the direction the person is facing and blending it in to the scene. Finally I change the look of the image to make it more ‘gritty’ which gives it that cinematic feel.